All our rooms are very comfortable and adapted to your needs







Standard does not mean less comfortable…

Standart Room

Quite the opposite, this room is fully equipped with microwave, coffee machine, work table and private bathroom with hairdryer

Our luxury room is your space to sleep, work and take a breath watching the incredible view of the city.

Deluxe Room

We offer rooms with one or two queen beds, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and a magnificent area complemented with a work table.
We also simplify your search by adapting one of our luxury rooms for people with disabiliy. We improve the spaciousness of the room, the bed is extra large and has all the facilities of a luxury room.

Take advantage of the beautiful view from the balcony.

Junior Suite

Our suite presents a window that gives way to natural light in the direction of the queen bed. The perfect room for those who enjoy the calm and the soft breeze coming from the balcony while having tea or coffee with someone special. The sofa allows it to be ideal for 2 or 3 people, with all the comforts.